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Finding parts and accessories for a Volkswagen EuroVan online is tough for several reasons.

For one, the name's confusing. It's what Volkswagen called the Volkswagen Transporter T4 van in North America, after all. You might find yourself asking whether yours is one or the other, and what the difference between them is.

Secondly, the model was only available between 1993 and 2003, so it's been out of production a while. In other words, it's older, and that means parts and accessories are just plain hard to come by. (Now, factor in that the minivan was offered in weird intervals -- in 1993, 1995, 1997, and 1999, and from 2000 to 2003 -- and that there were many trims -- CL, GL, MV, MV Weekender, Camper, and GLS -- plus a standard or long wheelbase and a choice between 2.5-liter, five-cylinder and 2.8-liter V6 engines. Things get even more complicated.)

Consider, finally, that there are only a few places you can buy parts and accessories online to begin with: a VW dealership, the aftermarket, or us.

Shop a Volkswagen dealer, and yes, you'll get OEM-quality parts, but it'll cost you. You'll pay a premium for them -- often, retail prices, which will drive up any bill. Shop the aftermarket, and yes, you might pay less, but what you get may not be anywhere near VW standards, quality-wise.

So, why shop online with us?

We carry only genuine Volkswagen parts and accessories. The brand manufactures them specifically for your EuroVan model. That means they'll not only be manufacturer-quality. They'll also fit and work just like the OEM VW parts that came installed in the van to begin with.

We keep our prices low. In many cases, you can end up getting up to 35% off MSRP. See for yourself: select your EuroVan model year and trim/engine in our catalog and you can start browsing parts and accessories right away. It's that easy to figure out what's compatible.

What we sell is backed by a Volkswagen warranty. You probably won't run into any defects in materials or workmanship with any EuroVan part or accessory. If you do, though, your brand can help take care of the problem. That's important in the case of buying replacement parts for common problems the minivan can have -- cooling system parts, clutches, transmission parts, and brakes, for instance. It's just as important for buying the basics as well: oil filters, windshield wiper blades, installation hardware, and the like.

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