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If you're shopping online for parts and accessories for Volkswagen Cabrio, you're probably having trouble finding them. After all, Volkswagen released the cabriolet (convertible) variant of the highly popular Volkswagen Golf way back in 1995, and to make matters worse, it went out of production soon after, in 2002.

Plus, figuring out whether you've got a VW Golf proper, a Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet, or the VW Cabrio itself can get confusing. Here's a little help: the Cabrio was part of the third Golf generation, dubbed Mark 3, and it replaced the Golf Cabriolet, otherwise known as the line's Mark 1, which was based on the Volkswagen Rabbit.

Now, since the car had only one engine throughout its career, a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder, it's just a matter of knowing your trim level -- base, High Line, GL, GLS, or GLX. After that, determining where to buy Cabrio parts and accessories that are both Volkswagen quality and affordable gets a lot easier.

Just don't get them at a VW dealer's parts counter. Sure, you might get OEM parts, but you'll pay more -- usually, MSRP. Shop an aftermarket parts store, and yes, you'll probably pay less, but quality may not be up to brand standards. If you're looking for replacement parts for those that are, say, common problems for VW Cabrio vehicles, though -- transmission and electrical system parts, power window parts, EVAP systems, and such -- it's especially important to get high quality for less.

So, where can you order them, then? Look no further than here at Quick Volkswagen Parts.

For one, we sell only genuine OEM parts and accessories. Secondly, you can avoid paying too much for them -- our prices are usually lower than MSRP (up to 35% off retail in many cases). Third, and perhaps best of all, most of what we sell carries a manufacturer warranty. That's peace of mind you won't always get buying Cabrio parts on the Volkswagen aftermarket.

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