OEM Volkswagen R32 Parts and Accessories

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Why Buy Volkswagen R32 Parts and Accessories from Quick Volkswagen Parts?

OEM Volkswagen Quality

What we sell, VW manufactures to fit and work with your compact sport hatchback specifically, guaranteed, just like any factory R32 parts and accessories that it came with. Put simply, buy from us, and you won't have to worry about your favorite sports car getting any questionable parts and accessories from an aftermarket Volkswagen parts store.


Our prices are often lower than MSRP (list price) -- sometimes, up to 35% off it. Check out our catalog here online, and you can see for yourself: to start browsing, select your R32 model year first (2004 or 2008); the catalog already knows its trim and engine (base and 3.2-liter V6, respectively), making figuring out compatibility easier. You won't get the same savings buying at the parts counter at a VW dealership.

Warranty Coverage

Defects in materials and workmanship can draw out a repair or upgrade project a lot longer than it should be drawn. No part or accessory that VW makes for R32 sports cars should have any. If you happen to notice any, though, the brand you love can take care of them. That's especially important when buying replacement Volkswagen parts for common R32 problems -- automatic transmissions, power window regulators, and brake parts like rotors, for instance. It's just as important for buying the basics as well: fuel filters, splash guards, installation hardware, and such.

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