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The e-Golf compact car, Volkswagen debuted in 2015; it ran until 2019. It was an electric vehicle (EV) -- more specifically, an all-electric hatchback -- available in SE, Limited Edition, and SEL Premium trims during those five years.

Whether you're repairing your e-Golf or just doing an upgrade or two, you've come to the right parts store for VW EV parts and accessories. We're a top online stop for drivers looking to order them not only here in the Indianapolis area, but all over Indiana and elsewhere, too, nationwide. Check out our complete parts catalog; you'll see why right away.

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Volkswagen Quality

The brand you love manufactures everything we sell. That means what you get, it will have made for your e-Golf model specifically; you won't get questionable aftermarket parts or accessories, and they'll it'll fit and work just like what your electric hatchback got from the factory to begin with.

Exceptional Value

Volkswagen dealers -- the few that still sell OEM e-Golf parts and accessories -- often sell at MSRP. This is the age of cheap electric car parts, though; you can basically order whatever you need online and have it show up at your door. So, retail pricing is practically premium pricing.

Luckily, you won't find this kind of markup here -- and certainly not for a popular electric VW model like e-Golf. You'll actually pay less than list price, actually, much of the time. Some of it, you'll even get steeper discounts.

Warranty Support

Defects in materials and workmanship can quickly stop a project. No VW part or accessory for e-Golf should have any. Find one that does, and the brand can take care of it. That's especially important in the case of buying replacement parts for common problems the line of EVs can have -- for instance, electrical system parts. It's just as important for buying the basics, too, like air filters.

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