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Remember that day, at the VW dealership? When you saw that 1984 Rabbit Convertible, and just had to have it? Base or Wolfsburg Edition, that 1.8-liter, four-cylinder had perfect pep, and driving the car since then -- it's been a joy.

Of course, keeping up the thrill means keeping it in top condition. We've got you covered.

Whether you're doing a couple everyday repairs or full-on customizing, we carry the best parts and accessories for the job: genuine Volkswagen. They're why Rabbit Convertible drivers around Noblesville looking to buy online seek us out; other OEM parts stores in Indiana and elsewhere, across the US -- they can't compete. So, why shop with us?

1. VW Craftsmanship

Expertly engineered. Top quality. Guaranteed to fit your cabriolet. Our parts and accessories stand out from the crowd. Simply select your trim and engine: our catalog's got both options; just choose the right one. It'll get rid of any compatibility guesswork.

2. Affordable Prices

Volkswagen dealers, they usually mark Rabbit Convertible accessories up, to MRSP, or sometimes even more! Same for parts. Your car, though, deserves the best, and you shouldn't have to pay premium prices to get it. Here, you won't: you'll pay less than list price, much of the time, and sometimes, a lot less. Start browsing, and you'll see all you'll be saving, right away.

3. Warranty Support

Defects in materials and workmanship can stop even the simplest fix, let alone upgrade. You shouldn't have to worry about any. After all, these are VW parts and accessories.

So, we include manufacturer warranty coverage against them. Aftermarket parts and accessories -- they usually don't. At least not nearly as often as they should.

Consider having to buy replacement parts for common Rabbit Convertible problems -- for the transmission, for instance, or for the cooling system (things like the water pump and valve cover gaskets). Buy here, and that won't be a cost. It'll be an investment -- and the right one.

Order now to get fast, affordable shipping and delivery anywhere stateside. Contact us with any questions.